Summer started in Belgrade quite unexpectedly, already at the end of April. We moved from winter directly to tropical summer and while we at DAH Theatre are in the whirlwind of activities - performing, fundraising, teaching, touring - we wonder often where are we. The heat and humidity reminds me of Rio, or maybe Atlanta or Havana.

Having been at the first Magdalena Festival in 1986 and many since in many parts of the world, this Munich Magdalena has a very different feel, due to the Munich City supported artists’ residency scheme which gives the festival its three month shape.

It’s the middle of March and the middle of the Magdalena München Saison: six weeks behind us, six weeks ahead. Time to pause and take a breath, look back at what’s happened and gather our energies for the next stretch!

Brest Stories Guide made by theatre Kryly Khalopa was included in the top 10 of Art in Central Europe 2017.

To read more, follow the link:

The interview with Aksana Haiko from the Belarusian theatre Kryly Khalopa for the Open Democracy. How the theatre works with the memory.

Amnesia: a key feature of Belarusian memory

This Helen Varley Jamieson sure does know how to jump in the deep end. To extend a Magdalena event for three months is no easy feat especially with limited resources and personal. My hat off to her.

We are now one week into the Magdalena München Saison 2018, and already a lot has happened! The February artists have arrived in Munich and settled into the Villa Waldberta in Feldafing, and their performances, workshops and projects are underway.

Dear Magdalenas,

November 2017 has been a busy period for The Magdalena Project: four festivals happening at the same time in Argentina, in Germany, in Italy and in Brazil.