The tour of the performance "Chernobyl"

In 2016 is celebrated 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Theatre Kryly Khalopa started the tour of the documentary performance “Chernobyl”.

April 19 St. Petersburg, theatre space "Skorokhod"

April 21 Moscow, space "Fabrica"

April 25 Minsk, art space “Korpus 8”

April 29 Brest, KX Space

May 7 Kaliningrad, art space "Vorota"


After the performing in Minsk Aksana wrote:

“What I felt yesterday after "Chernobyl" in Minsk - is that the performance is necessary and relevant. It was performed in Russia, Denmark, France and Poland. But I created and addressed it to Belarusians, and finally it was performed in Belarus ... When in the hall full of people, when so many people were crying during and after the show, and when the people applauded standing - is probably the most important and the best that can be obtained from the viewer. Thank you to everyone who came, for your stories, and feeling that our work was not in vain. And for the indescribable sense of COMMUNITY for so many people.”