Skyline, it's up there! is a visual theater choreography

Skyline, it's up there! is a visual theater choreography of 50 minutes duration.
You'll witness a voyage; from ground to sky, from black and white to color and from tragedy till comedy.



The set design consists in two big beams hanging up in the space and a backdrop showing how we rise up and up and up (in space and color!). The characters, iron workers, will climb from the floor - a black and white present- between the buildings and up to the sky - an utopian future of northern light color-
This creation is inspired in the series of photographs by Charles C. Ebbets (Copyright Bettman Archives, Corbis Corp.), showing the construction of GE building, the 30th of Rockefeller Plaza. That well-known picture of the workers sitting on the beam, having lunch ignoring the vertigo.


Artistic team
Director and choreographer: Paula Isiegas
Director's assistant: Valentina Tibaldi
Actors: William Albors, Cecile Audivert, Pablo López, Gabriel Molina

We have managed to get help from the Junta de Andalucía for making this firts version...but we need your help! This proyect begun two years ago, but, as the characters, the crisis has made us run out of resources...

The team just needs money to survive and move during the creation; that is, house, food and trips. We'll also use part of the money to transport the set desing and make a great video and promotion material for the show, so we can start to support ourselves. We have got till now great opportunities and offers to perform, that we plan to use when the show is done!

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Grazie, thank you, gracias!