"Moje holke, moje holka"

Dear Magdalenas: 

I write to you from the Paris airport; I'm going to Spain, to receive the Jesús Domínguez writing prize, which they will give us for the play "Moje holka, moje holka" (My girl, my girl), written in collaboration with Itziar Pascual and dedicated to the Magdalena Project.

Amaranta OsorioThe play speaks of the Holocaust, the strength of Jewish women, the light and the hope. One of the images we use is fireflies. For me, you, the Magdalenas, are like fireflies ... inhabiting the periphery, exchanging calls of love and producing instants of beauty ... intermittent but transformative.

For me, the Magdalena is a community of fireflies ... Fireflies that shine despite everything.

With this dedication, I want to thank each and every one of you, especially Jill Greenhalgh and Julia Varley. Thank you for illuminating the path and for showing me that I could and should, shine. Thanks also to Patricia Ariza, Susana Nicolalde, Rosana Pineda, Helen Varley and Marion Coutarel who invited me to their festivals and taught me so much ... Thanks to all the wonderful artists who participated in the two Magdalena festivals I organized and thanks to my friends and teachers (excuse me for not naming you all).

Thank you all for the support, the inspiration, the meetings, the talks, the teachings, the smiles and the challenges. Although I don´t see you much, knowing that you exist, makes me feel less alone.

Thank you for your light and please keep shining ... In these dark and wartime moments, we need female fireflies.

After a long time working in silence… I will like to invite you to:

  1. Read the play (in Spanish). Starting from tomorrow you can find published in the prestigious magazine “Primer Acto”, but you can also ask me for it and I will send it to you by mail.
  2. Come to the presentation of the Jesús Domínguez Prize and to the dramatic reading of "Moje Holka, moje holka". In Huelva the 23 of November at 20hrs in the Sala de la Provincia de la diputación. Free entry.
  3. Come to see "Anonimas" (Anonymous women) directed by Julia Varley, in Valladolid on November 26 at 19:30 in the José Luis Mosquera center. Within the framework of the activities of the day for the elimination of violence against women. For those who have not seen it, "Anonymous" talks about gender violence, but above all is a tribute to our mothers and grandmothers, women anonymous for the great history but fundamental for us.

Hope to see you soon,

With love