Sun over Santiago

Letter to Vero y Anto, Mestiza Chile

Sun over Santiago. Tears from a young man dripping down on the glass frame whilst listening to Salvador Allende's last words to the people, broadcasted from Radio Magallanes. A visit to Museo de Memoria is heartshaking.

Sun over Santiago. Theater about mothers. Theatre about maltreatment and abuse. Conference about networks and solidarity. Dance-performance in the pool at Parque Quinta Normal. A brown dog jumps into the water with the redclad dancer.

Sun over Santiago. Butoh dance about Nabila Riffa, blind now because her own husband ripped out her eyes with his car key.

Sun over Santiago. Five young symphatetic,energetic men take part in my workshop with ease.

Sun over Santiago. Our Brazilian friends despair over the elections. A lesbian couple are afraid to return home. A black student was killed just days ago.

Sun over Santiago. We taste pisco sour and go friendly bananas with why not use napkin as hats performance at the Perucheria de Paris.

Sun over Santiago. A thousand photos with a thousand faces of disappeared look back at you when you turn your eyes towards the sky at Museo de la Memoria.

Sun over Santiago. A friendly old woman shows me the artwork of the Mapuche. I buy silver earrings to ring in my ears forever. In some schools they are now teaching the Mapuche language.

Sun over Santiago. Mestiza Chile has made a thousand of us meet and work around the theme resistance and memory. Resist and remember.

Sun over Santiago. We came from Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Basque Country, Wales, Mexico, Italy, Ecuador, Australia and Norway.

Sun over Santiago. Dia de Los Muertos. Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende. A huge artwork of Matta Clark with the idea of the new Man.

Sun over Santiago. At "Daughter" a woman shows a drawing of a Chinese warrior. His hat is the same as my character in "7 Songs from the Refugee". She calls him the grandmother's mystery man.

Sun over Santiago. Ileana speaks about the disappeared. A photo shows a mother with cinta de canela over her eyes. We are back at Museo de la Memoria.

Sun over Santiago. The dancer in red reappears. Water. A new dog accompanies her.

Sun over Santiago. A little girl plays, stepping on the stones. Hot sun over Santiago.

Geddy Aniksdal
November 2018

Painting by Matta Clark.

Painting by Matta Clark