The KH Space

We are very glad to share the news about the opening of our OWN SPACE! 

Theatre KH opens its own Space

13 years we have been working as a theatre, creating theatrical product. Today we feel that the creation of the performances does not change the situation around as much as we would like to change it. In addition we have already come out of the theatre borders.

We have never had our own territory. On November 4th, for the first time we have organizes the event in OUR OWN space and invite everyone to opening.

We regard the KH space as a platform for education, presentation, research in the field of theatre, contemporary art, non-formal education. We want to create a place where arts flow one into another, where there are no clear borders, where a performance turns into an exhibition gallery and in informal university – the space transformer.


Theatre. We plan educational activities (lectures, meetings, presentations) associated with contemporary performing arts, practical workshops for children and adults, the realization of theatrical projects, including those with children and incapacitated persons, the work on the theatrical library, sharing experiences with theorists and practitioners from Belarus and other countries.

Education. We see non-formal education as the priority for the Space: the organization of educational programs, lectures, discussions, workshops, seminars, film screenings. Educational platform designed as a complement and as an alternative to the existing Belarusian higher education system, which has saved a number of shortcomings from the Soviet times. We cooperate with professional expert community in Belarus, Eastern and Western Europe in the field of culture, art, philosophy, sociology, urban studies, gender issues, modern history.

Gallery. KH space works as a gallery, considering the shortage of spaces in Belarus for the presentation of Belarusian contemporary art. As the main objectives in this direction we have set the presence of Belarusian and foreign contemporary art in public space, support and intensification of local artists, support of international exhibition projects, considering the cross-border position of Brest.

Work of KH Space orients to intensification and support of local initiatives. The space is open to local community projects and youth in the arts and education fields.

We have started working with the EUROCAFE project. To follow our activity easily we invite you to visit pages