Marianne Kjær Klausen writes about her meetings with the Magdalena Project and with the Kurdish author Yıldız Çakar, who is living in exile in Germany. One important aspect of her joining the Magdalena Project is to stay connected to the political reality of colleagues in different countries, to keep herself integrated in a world from which it is easy to become detached.

Helen invited me the the Magdalena München Season 2018, to participate in a three-month artistic residence in Munich, in Villa Waldberta, a fantastic place, a wonderful house full of so many stories. It was my first artistic residence, and also the first time that I and Ivan, my son, experienced snow – and its silence.

The inspiration

In 2006 I received an email. It was an invitation to perform in a festival in Denmark. The name of the festival was Transit festival for 2007 January. The theme was “Stories to be Told”. The mail was from the director of the Festival, Julia Varley. As I was reading the mail my heart was filled with great enthusiasm. In those years I was working on story telling with singing, dancing and painted canvas. I thought it was perfect for me to be there. I already had prepared work at my hand.

Can we still be enthusiastic today? The question seems almost indecent, in a world of noise and fury, suffocating with conflict, destruction, and all kinds of unbelievable violence. And yet...

Peut-on être encore enthousiaste aujourd'hui ? La question semble presque indécente, dans un monde de bruit et de fureur, suffoquant de conflits, destructions, et autres violences inimaginables. Et pourtant ... Français ci-dessous

What is the music of your roots? What kind of music makes you happy?
Music has always been part of my life, that universal language arousing the senses, soothing me and touching me, so intimate and accessible to everyone. So is a toilet. When these two important experiences are combined, they create a place fraught with communication and sensations, reviving feelings, dreams and awareness that our lives are all about encounter, passion, closeness, openness, fear, or goodness.


Last May, I have turned 50 years of professional life, a piece of history that is almost all of my adult life. And even if I don't think there's anything transcendental to celebrate, besides being still standing, thoughts overlap, flashes of memories; the persistence of a journey that, I see it again now, embraces four compact moments that I don't want to be overlooked by memory.

Lena and I meet at Magdalena Munich 2018. During rehearsal for "Daughter" of Jill Greenhalgh we talked a lot about our experience with asian heritages (she with chinese, and I with taiwanese one). We understand each other and wish to cooperate somewhere.

It was the month of December, the year 1999. I found the website of Magdalena. It was not a mirage; it was an oasis for me while questioning how to make feminist theatre in Istanbul. I wrote the email; I got the answer. Jill Greenhalgh replied. Then we met in Novi Sad in June 2000: The workshop, little talks, lots of energy exchange. It was the month August, the year 2000, we established our feminist theatre group, Tiyatro Boyalı Kuş (Theatre Painted Bird) in Istanbul.

At the conference 

Zoe Gudović writes about her experiences at the Magdalena München Saison 2018.

When I decided to come to Magdalena Munchen 2018 and take part in the programme, I knew it would be exhausting, but above all interesting and that I would learn so many new things.