We are nearing the end of the Tantidhatri Festival already, and I haven't had time to post anything - I've been full of good intentions but like most Magdalena festivals, the schedule of overlapping performances, transport logistics, catching up with people and preparing for my performance hasn't left much time for anything else except sleeping; also it's so hot here that it's necessary to shower 2-3 times a day & wash everything I've been wearing as well. So, I did manage to start uploading photos, but of course there are many more to come.

The photo at right is from the opening; festival organiser Parvathy Baul is introducing Macheri Parambil Padmavathy from Kerala, who with her family created an "Astanaga Kalam Puluvan" ritual performance, which involved first creating a large kolam (design in coloured powders) then with song and dance inviting the snake goddess into two women who fall into a trance and destroy the kolam. There are more images available on this site and on the Tantidhatri site.

The festival is also being well documented with sound recordings; both Prue Langbein, a participant from New Zealand (we are well represented here, with and three other kiwis here as participants as well as myself in the programme) and the local Auroville radio station recording most (perhaps all) of the talks and presentations. You can listen to podcasts from the Auroville radio station web site and I've made links to them also from the Tantidhatri page on this site.