Remembering Margaret Cameron


One day I will write here about Margaret Cameron and the impact of her practice, our dialogue and our friendship on my professional life and personal history. For now I share this image - one that Margaret loved - and announce that there will be a reading from her forthcoming book I Shudder to Think at La Mama on December 22:

I Shudder To Think by Margaret Cameron
A Reading

Margaret Cameron, creator of groundbreaking solo performance works including the acclaimed Knowledge and Melancholy, and one of Australia’s most respected theatre practitioners, died on October 20th at her home on the Bellarine. She was aged 59.

Margaret was also an influential teacher, dramaturg and director, best known for taking her perception of the everyday as inspiration for her theatrical solo works. Yet perhaps what best characterises her 35-year artistic output is her philosophically poetic writing which “does what it says and says what it does”.

Almost all her work was first “audienced” at La Mama. This reading includes some of her early work as well as an excerpt from her forthcoming book, I Shudder To Think, which is to be published posthumously by Ladyfinger Press.

Margaret Cameron: Falling Like a Bird 2010, Photograph by Lisa Businovski6.30pm, December 22, 2014

Limited capacity so please book early to reserve your place
Entry by donation
Duration: 60 minutes

La Mama Theatre
205 Faraday Street Carlton
03 9347 6948

Image: Margaret Cameron: Falling Like a Bird, 2010; photograph by Lisa Businovski.