Thank you Mette Jensen


The following text was presented by Julia Varley at a celebration of the life of our dear friend, Mette Jensen, on the 2nd of March in Holstebro, Denmark.


Dear Mette,

So many things still to tell you. We thought we had more time. Mostly to say thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Only ten days ago a Brazilian scholar visiting Odin Teatret asked me to say hello to you. He remembered staying in your house twenty-five years ago and wanted to thank you. You made him feel at home. You have always opened your home to visitors who could stay with you for days, weeks, months. Even if you didn't speak any language that could help you communicate you made everyone feel at home with your enthusiasm and smile. You have so many friends all over the world. When Sandra and Antonella of Teatret OM came to the first Transit Festival in 1992 and I had to find a place for them to sleep, they met you for the first time and since then you and your mother have become their Danish family. We will all miss you. 

Mette Jensen at the 2016 Transit Festival; photo by Pablo Vallejo.You represent the heart of Transit Festival and it is very difficult to think of making a new edition without you there. In the film about Transit there is a moment when you appear to say: "Yes we are here to give coffee and tea and food, and to smile". Even when life was hard on you, you always had the courage and willpower to keep your good humour and smile. It is a lesson for all of us. You were always ready to help, even if it meant carrying dirty plates on your rollator (walker). 

You started the group of Odin Friends, the volunteers, who have helped us for Transit, Festuge, Odin Week Festival, Centaur Village, anniversaries and so many other activities. Whenever we called you would come immediately. Only Sunday lunch was off bounds because you ritually visited your 94-year-old mother. You helped us establish Odin Teatret Archives spending hours and hours sorting newspaper clippings in all languages. You were a regular spectator at our performances. You were present in our lives. 

Someone asked me when I met you for the first time. I don't know, ever since I came to Denmark in 1976 it is as if you have been there. You had a group of girlfriends that you met often to play cards and drink a glass of wine and share laughter. They have decided to meet this evening to play cards. They showed me so many photographs of you, always smiling. They were smiling talking of you. Everyone you have worked with remembers you, how available you were, ready to take on impossible tasks and to find solutions. 

Elena played her violin, Sandra sang, then Iben and Kai, and all Odin. The music was a way to say goodbye trying to convey all our feelings. I am thinking of the time that I didn't take advantage of and promise you to smile more and keep on making the impossible possible and the most humble tasks an occasion to be together with others. 

With lots of love from all Magdalenas, 



  Julia thanking volunteers at Transit Festival, 2019


Special thanks to Odin Teatret Archive and Pablo Vallejo for the image of Mette that was taken in Valhalla at Odin Teatret in June 2016 during Transit 8 festival. Also to Lyn Cunningham for the image of Julia thanking and presenting gifts to Mette and some of the volunteers/ Odin Friends at the final feast as part of Transit 9, in June 2019.