Mette's Routine


Mette was introduced to me by Francesca as one of the best people in Holstebro and helper at OTA (Odin Teatret Archives), called at the time CTLS (Centre for Theatre Laboratory Studies). Mette kept calling OTA by its old name even when I tried to explain to her so many times what the difference was about: she kept listening, nodding and in the end she said "yes, CTLS" while seemingly smiling.

Mette's routine coming to the archives to work with us was more or less the same, but only now I seem to remember it: parking the green car in the same spot (the one that Eugenio doesn't like!) but always hers, opening wide the car door, shouting... 


and us replying: Ciao MetteRette, come stai?

she: Eh?

us: E dai Mette, come stai? E' semplice su!

Taking out the rollator, carrying the bag for her and teasing her with her crutch by being in front of her or following her on the winding staircase up to the OTA office. Then the best part of it: making an espresso with the cafetière, that she drank black, long and too strong. Some work, some clipping, some gossiping about people I did not know at all and finally the question: When are you free to come and play cards?

So I went, many times with Francesca, Ana, random other people, Paula for sure, Sabrina, Fausto; the game was called "Lort i potten". I never understood why but it was funny! Moreover, I was sure the rules were slightly different from time to time and I think I won very few times. In between some wine, chatting, some dried apricots, rice cakes with sugar-free chocolate, some white wine from Napa Valley, more laughs, more talk, more cards, more losing, one very particular and awful tomato soup that I ate saying "the worst in the world!", more laughs, a piece of chocolate that will clean off the taste of it, laughing again and at the end "Tak for i aften, sov godt MetteRette" with my unconvincing Danish accent!

I've been always impressed by Mette's strength and how much she had been working especially for Transit Festival, organising all the canteen for so many people and how many others she dragged into volunteer hours and how many smiles she was able to give and to collect back.

If you ever passed through Odin Teatret, you couldn't not know Mette Jensen!

She called me Wale, something in between Vale and whale...not sure if I like it but it sticks - unfortunately - and now makes me smile!

Tak for i aften, MetteRette; sov godt.