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Voix de Femmes

Comme beaucoup, nous avons dû nous poser la question : comment remplir au mieux nos missions par temps de pandémie?
Nous avons trouvé plusieurs pistes de réponses. En voici une dont nous ne sommes pas peu fières : cette année, dans le cadre de notre programme d'accompagnement artistique annuel, nous soutiendrons deux projets au lieu d'un. 


The beautiful catalog of the Magdalena Vila Itororó 2019 is now available. To learn more about the wonderful artists who participated in this project, download the PDF version from the website of the Collectivo Gallery:

Goethe-Institut São Paulo
Vila Itororó Canteiro Aberto

a Message from Porto Arlecchino


Working Group in Munich

SOLOISNOTALONE is a proposition for theatre artists planing or working on a Solo Performance and who would like to be in a practical exchange about their work. Purpose of the working group is to develop and structure material and to find new inspiration through the work of and feedback from each other.

Congratulations to theatre-maker Karolina Spaic, who has been appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau in the Netherlands.

I'm so happy to announce La Pacha Apapacha's website. This is like a dream come true and I would love to have the support of the loving Magdalena's network, a community that saved my life! Please, take a look at our website and subscribe to our email list. We're trying to give voice to small women business and independent artists from all over the world but specially Latin Americans.







The pandemic has stopped our events and exhibitions. We paused rehearsing the forum-performance at the Bioethics Forum "Homo (Im) Perfectus".

Prague Quadrennial

The Prague Quadrennial has made a range of talks, exhibitions, catalgoues and documentation videos available as free online resources.

We are living in extraordinary times. Still recovering from fires, floods and other emergencies, the world has been plunged into the sudden chaos of a pandemic. At such a time, the Magdalena network is a vital way to stay connected and support each other, despite regimes of physical distancing and isolation. Our website and this email newsletter continue despite many curbs on our physical freedoms and changes in our routines.