Research into the impact of the Magdalena Project

Dear Magdalenas,

I'm now doing my final master's work on the impact of the Magdalena Project (Master 2 in Theatre Studies. Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris). I want to measure the impact of Magdalena on the lives of those who have participated. For me, Magdalena is super important and has transformed my life.

In order to measure the Magdalena impact, I need your help. Can you please answer to this questionnaire:

For those who doesn't know me, my name is Amaranta Osorio, I'm  an author, actress and producer. You can see some of my works at

My first contact with the Magdalena was thanks to Julia Varley in 2010 and the first festival I attended was Magdalena sin Fronteras directed by Roxana Pineda. Since then, I have participated in many Magdalena festivals and directed two - 7 caminos- Magdalena in Mexico in 2011, and Festival A Solas in Spain in 2013. I also helped Parvathy Baul in the last Tantidhatri in India.

Thanks for your help

Wishing you the best

Amaranta Osorio