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Review of Rakini Devi's art exhibition
Dear all,
I'm so proud to share this wonderful, beautifully articulated review by Keith Gallasch, of my first art exhibition, Inhabiting erasures, embodying traces of the feminine, this March.
Link to the full article below :
This was the post by Keith :

Last November, the Magdalena München team participated in "Burning Issues meets Kamp Nagel", a three-day conference addressing gender-specific heirarchies in the German Theatre world.


Performance Research Vol. 27, No. 3


Proposal Deadline 14 July 2021

Issue Editors: Noyale Colin (University of Winchester) and Stefanie Sachsenmaier (Middlesex University)

Gilla Cremer


with Double Edge Theatre and Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative


Newsletter 1, March 2021

The first newsletter of the Fondazione Barba Varley outlines the organisation's activities for the year 2021.

new journal for practitioners and scholars

nnouncing the new annual Journal of Theatre Anthropology, founded by Eugenio Barba.

April is donations month

Each year in April we invite our members to donate to support the Magdalena Project and this website.

Double Edge Theatre’s "Leonora, la maga y la maestra" broadcast is now available for streaming from PEAK HD in partnership with ALL ARTS.

the new performance of Teatro Potlach

A video of the new performance of Teatro Potlach is now available to watch online.