A Magdalena Festival
20 April 2022 to 24 May 2022
Double Edge Theatre
Double Edge Theatre celebrates its 40th anniversary with RITES, a five month celebration.

Selected Photos
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RITES began with a festival in partnership with The Magdalena Project on April 20 – 24, 2022. These five days will include performances from worldwide women, non-binary, and trans artists, as well as symposia.


  • Geddy Aniksdal, Stacey Klein and Jill GreenhalghGeddy Aniksdal, Grenland Friteater (Norway): No Doctor for the Dead
  • Jill Greenhalgh (Wales): Daughter
  • Shey Rivera (Rhode Island & Puerto Rico): ANTIGONX
  • Ebony Noelle Golden, Jupiter Performance Studio (Harlem, NY): SPECTER OF SUNLIGHT//
  • Walken Schweigert, Katie Burgess, Open Flame Theatre (Wisconsin, MN): The Garden
  • Jeremy Louise Eaton, Double Edge Theatre (Ashfield, MA): Lightning
  • Ana Correa, Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani (Lima, Peru): CONFESIONES and Rosa Cuchillo
  • Teresa Ralli, Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani (Lima, Peru): El Desmontaje de Antígona
  • Hayley Brown, Aerialist (Ashfield, MA)
  • A symposium discussion led by Anishinaabe Theater Exchange

Emerging Artist performances:

  • Tomantha Sylvester, Anishinaabe Theater Exchange/Double Edge Theatre (Sault Ste. Marie, MI/Ashfield, MA): Something Else
  • Lydia Lai (Los Angeles, CA): Ryotatio
  • Ebony Webster (New York, NY): Sit High, Fly Low

Festival participants:

Gilly Adams, Javiera Benavente, Lorien Corbelletti, Vanessa Gilbert, Elaine Vaan Hogue, Ashley James, Morgan Jenness, Barbara Lanciers, Amrita Ramanan, and more….

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