A Magdalena Festival
18 April 2022 to 1 May 2022
Double Edge Theatre
As a highlight of our 40th anniversary year, Double Edge will host a Magdalena Festival in Spring 2022.


Double Edge TheatreThis curated international festival will include performances, workshops and conversations, with activities in our indoor theatre spaces and also outside events in the fields, and under the stars. Performances will include: Daughter by Jill Greenhalgh and No Doctor for the Dead by Geddy Aniksdal, and new performances including Liminal Splits and Other Basic Deceits by Madeline McNamara, Antigonx by Shey Rivera Rios, The Garden by Open Flame Theatre, and pieces by DE Ensemble’s Design Director Jeremy Louise Eaton and Double Edge and the Ohketeau Cultural Center’s Emerging Visiting Artist Tomantha Sylvester (Anishinaabe), among others. Symposia will include an Armchair Conversation with Stacy Klein and Baraka Sele and invited guests including Vanessa Gilbert and others from the Magdalena Community.

More information to come.