Transit Festivals

The Transit Festivals are organised by Julia Varley at Odin Teatret, and have been held approximately every three years since 1992.

Typically, Transit is structured in two parts: four days of workshops and demonstration performances, followed by four-five days of festival - performances, presentations, discussions, parties, usually an exhibition and all culminating in the traditional Transit Feast.

Documentation about past Transit festivals can be found on both this web site and the Odin Teatret web site. The Transit Festival page on the Odin site includes links to programmes and other material. The links below have some of the same material but also reports from participants and links to participants' photos, videos and other online documentation.

Selene D'Agostino is working on the Transit Festival archives and can be contacted via this site for further information (you need to be logged in to access Selene's contact page; if you have not yet registered on the site you can register here).


The above image, from the Transit VI 2009 brochure, is by Dorthe Kærgaard whose paintings are often exhibited in the Odin Teatret foyer as part of the Transit festival.