Reaching - connecting - sustaining


Dear Magdalenas,

we are living in extraordinary times. Still recovering from fires, floods and other emergencies, the world has been plunged into the sudden chaos of a pandemic. Many of us have lost work and income, some are trapped at home or unable to get home, and all of us are dealing with some degree of uncertainty about the future. At such a time, the Magdalena network is a vital way to stay connected and support each other, despite regimes of physical distancing and isolation. Our website and this email newsletter continue despite many curbs on our physical freedoms and changes in our routines.

Taiwan Tour 2019Reaching out to each other across the world, we can be a source of energy, inspiration and connection. For some positive news, check out Ya-Ling Peng’s report on an intercultural exchange between rural Taiwanese communities and artists from Latin America. If you are in need of practical technical tips, our Webqueen Helen Varley Jamieson has compiled useful resources and advice for those of you venturing online with your work. And we thank Amaranta Osorio, Janaina Matter and Yamile Lanchas who have been able to devote some extra time to adding and updating Portuguese and Spanish translations on the website. (If you would like to help with translations, please email

Jill Greenhalgh and Helen Varley JamiesonApril is the month when we ask you for donations to support the hosting and maintenance of the Magdalena Project’s website and email communications. Despite the current crisis, these costs must still be paid. We understand that for some of you, making a donation this year will not be possible. For those of you who are still able to contribute, we are very grateful for whatever you are able to give in these difficult circumstances. Please click here if you are able to donate this year.

The Magdalena network exists thanks to the participation of each and every one of you, in myriad ways. When times are dark, we are thankful for the strength of our connections.

Jill Greenhalgh and Helen Varley Jamieson