International Festival of Women in the Performing Arts
31 October 2015 to 7 November 2015
Rio de Janeiro
A programme of theatre performances, installations, symposia, and workshops by women from various countries


MULTICIDADE / INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF WOMEN IN THE PERFORMING ARTS in Rio de Janeiro, 31st October to 7th November, 2015, offers a wide range of theatre performances, installations, symposia, and workshops by women artists involved in performing arts in various countries in Europe, Latin America, New Zealand and Brazil. Focused on contemporary and multimedia theatre production, the Festival will present the work of women that have achieved artistic excellence and that are interested in expanding the social spaces for female performance. 

THE FESTIVAL is part of the International Network of Women in Contemporary Performing Arts - THE MAGDALENA PROJECT, founded in 1986, and having organised over 100 meetings and festivals in Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America and the USA. The project preparation and production count with some members of the network that live in Brazil, working together with their experienced collaborators in Rio de Janeiro.

The programme of theatre performances and installations includes internationally renowned guest artists as well as Brazilian participants, who will have the opportunity to present their work and take part in the exchange of artists from various other countries. Through talks, symposia and workshops, the Festival aims to enable the creation of a quality space that meets the needs for reflection, questioning, acknowledgement, visibility, and valueing of women's artistic work, through encounters between artists, social activists, thinkers, and makers. The Festival proposes to be a open, creative and dynamic space, where women can be acknowledged as producers of art, knowledge, and social transformation. A space for exchange and fostering understanding between different social realities, as well as mutual learning between participants.

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Paola Vellucci, Artistic Director, General Coordinator
Jadranka Andjelic, Artistic Director, Project Coordinator
Eveline Costa, Director of Production

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