Fronteiras em Movimento - Moving Borders

modes of creation and organisation in the Magdalena Project

Dear Magdalenas,

It is a great pleasure to share with you the launch of my book Fronteiras em Movimento (Moving Borders: ways of creation and organization within the Magdalena Project). As many of you know this book is part of my PhD in Theatre and was written over the course of four years (2009-2013) in which I conducted interviews and participated in Magdalena events, workshops and performances all over the world and organized four editions of our festival Vértice Brasil. But above all it is the result of my passion for the Magdalena network and the inspiration that each one of you provides to so many women.

Marisa NaspoliniThis book brings my unique look at the project, and analyzes some creative processes that reinforce the blurring of boundaries between aesthetics, cultures, genres, geographies and languages. It also focuses on the characteristics of the form of network organization, such as horizontality, co-responsibility, self-regulation and belonging.

I must say that the death of Lucia Sander in May touched me deeply and hastened the decision to publish this book immediately, as my personal gift to the celebration of Magdalenas’ 35 years. I gave up eternally postponed conceptual updates and assumed that this is a material that bears the marks of the time it was written.

I do believe that, more than ever, it is necessary to bet on the strength of creative and solidarity networks - which value the affective dimension in their political, artistic and social practices - and to reinforce the role of women in everyday micropolitics, which promotes small yet also huge transformations.

Next step? Publish it in English. Looking for opportunities! My gratitude for your existence.
Love, Marisa.

P. S. For now it is only available for purchase on the Editora Dialetica website. It will soon be available on major marketplaces such as amazon and others.

Frontieras Em Moviemento