Vintage! Women! Variete!

with travelling exhibition
20 June 2021
Amphitheater Neue Bühne, Am Mühlgraben 1, 01968 Senftenberg
15h & 19h
An artistic journey to the time of the very first grand circus ladies

Who doesn't want to dance on glass - say it now. You should go work in the kitchen or mend stockings."
Based on Paula Busch

With us you will find answers to all your nagging questions:
Why hadn't Tilly Bebe been eaten by her lions?
Why did Lillian Leitzel faint after every aerial performance?
Who was the better juggler of clubs, knives, and saucers - Lottie Brunn or her brother?
Was Kätchen Brumbach really the strongest woman on earth?
Why did Paula Busch adopt her friend?
And most importantly: who was Paula Busch?
How did they live, all those circus ladies?
Were they allowed to go out at night? Drink a beer?

With their relentless, artistic, tragicomic journey, Jana Korb and her ensemble lead their audience inside the skin of circus and variety artists of the 19th and early 20th century and their unusual lives.
Vintage! Women! Variete! is a performative examination of traditional and contemporary circus history, a homage to our idols, a play toying with old and new circus techniques. This documentary circus theater tells true stories about real women - accompanied by a touring exhibition about women in circus, variety and acrobatics.

Travelling exhibition (with guided tours)
Twelve panels with historic infos about circus artists and circus women in heyday of modern circus (in Germany).
The guided tours provide even deeper knowledge and quirky anecdotes, and answer individual questions. Tours in German, English, or Czech.


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