THE SEA BEHIND THE WALL - 16. June in Berlin

ISLA Projekt presents:

"The sea behind the wall", a performance close to you.

Before, i stood in another city. I intermix myself. I am a "collector of homelands". AK

Home can be everywhere for me. It accompanies me as a memory, a feeling, a physical body. Traveling through time and space, iam a set of experiences and sensations, which i make myself again and again aware of and share with my environment.

Once i had a dream about my native country Cuba. In this dream , Havana was in a simular situation to Berlin at the time the wall was built. It was weird. I mixed circumstances related to two cities in one dream. This got me thinking, how those life experiences related to different places, can transform my identity.

idea, direction and interpretation: Ana Kavalis
video and sound installation: Sandra Hartleb

*This performance will be staged in unconventional spaces. It is going to change every time with its environment and can be situated in any corner of the world*.

In German and Spanisch.

More Infos:


48 Stunden Neukölln Festival

SA 16.06
Um 16 Uhr
Zuhause e.V
Neckarstrasse 16
U 7 Rathaus Neukölln
Berlin, Germany


Foto: Ximena Clavelli