Mestiza Chile 2018

Resistencia y Memoria
30 October 2018 to 5 November 2018
Santiago y Valparaíso, Chile
Mestiza Chile 3er Festival y Encuentro Internacional de Mujeres en las Artes Escénicas Contemporáneas

Programme Update 10/05/2018


Mestiza Chile 2018


Resistance and Memory


3rd Festival and International Encounter of Women in the Performing Arts


Meeting: Santiago October 30 to November 5


Location and Dates: Valparaíso, 6 to 10 November



Programme of Events


Jill Greenhalgh - Daughter - Wales


Geddy Aniksdal - 7 Refugee Songs - Norway


Maite Guevara - Now! - Spain


Barbara Biscaro, Vértice Brasil - Menina Boba - Brazil


Itzel Cuevas - La Ilustre Desconocida - Ecuador


Mercedes Hernández - Geography - Mexico


Ileana Diéguez - Investigate and Excavate (conference) - Mexico


Amaranta Osorio and Suzon Fuks - Bonita - Spain / Australia


Belén Celedón, ByK Circus - Instinto - Chile / Italy


Pascualas - Andrea Lagos - Chile


Natalia Cuellar, cia. Route of memory - Blow, a broken woman - Chile


Pilar Ronderos, cia. Laura Palmer - Daughter of Tiger - Chile


Paula González, cia. Kimvn Theater - Ñuke - Chile


Maritza Farías - Muertas - Chile


Aedy Scam, cia. La Coraje - Manú - Chile


Verónica Vargas - Invisible Places - Chile




Laboratory, seminar and workshops


Creation Laboratory: Daughter directed by Jill Greenhalgh


Seminar: Look and Position dictated by Ileana Diéguez


Workshops: The Permeable Body by Barbara Biscaro


The Own Work of the Actor by Geddy Aniksdal


The Dance and the Theater Meet in the Vacuum by Andrea Lagos


Narration by Mercedes Hernández


The Game of the Red Nose by Maite Guevara


Belén Celedón Air Corps


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Which are your resistance spaces?

The small ones, the invisible ones… yours, mines…

Work: 'Spaces of Resistance'
Fissure Interpretation Center
Mestiza 2013

We resist! …

with memory, to recognize ourselves in what we are, in our history and feminine lineage, to project ourselves to where and how we want to be. To raise our flags of women, for the conquest of spaces where nurture and feedback ... for the struggle to keep them.

This 3rd version is based on deep roots, planted by women who have already been part of the Mestiza, in their birth and their growth. This is the invitation to a new Encuentro, to return to look at us and continue extending our horizons.

The confirmed artists and performances will be published on April 30th.

Contact: Antonieta Muñoz -




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