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Thaís Ivana de Medeiros and I had many gentle collaborations in Magdalena Munich: my recording of spoken Shakespeare for her show; some text she wrote composed into a song for her to sing;  and a story about a truth/lie from her life has become a song in our latest group song theatre show TRUTH, told in speech, song, light and movement.

Having been at the first Magdalena Festival in 1986 and many since in many parts of the world, this Munich Magdalena has a very different feel, due to the Munich City supported artists’ residency scheme which gives the festival its three month shape.

Hello Magdalenas, I miss you.

I've been working on this show on and off for about 6 years and at last this year we have managed to get it on it's feet and touring around the UK. It has been, and continues to be, a deeply fascinating and involving process, again now as some of those we have interviewed start to come ans see the pwrformance, and other related people turn up unexpectedly like the parents of a journalist killed working on Chechnya. The question and answer sessions have turned into riveting discussions on war and peace.

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