ZID Theater receives award

ZID Theater receives the Golden Kaleidoscope award from the Fund for Cultural Participation

On Tuesday 3 July, ZID Theater was happy to receive the Golden Kaleidoscope award from the Fund for Cultural Participation. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the fund awarded a Golden Kaleidoscope in each of the 12 Dutch provinces. ZID Theater receives this award for the project Love in Times of… in the province of Utrecht. This three-year project took place in Amsterdam, The Hague, and Amersfoort. Around the theme of ‘love’, three productions were realised together with local residents as actors and with the help of a number of professionals. The artistic project leader and director of the Amsterdam group was Karolina Spaić, leader of ZID.

Watch this video of the award ceremony. ZID appears at 2.5 minutes:


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