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no one puts grandma in the corner
12 November 2016
Theatre Row, 410 W 42nd St, New York
6.00 pm
a hilarious rocky road trip through the 7 ages of woman

Dame June Bloom can’t resist singing and playing the ukulele, riffing on Shakespeare’s (only slightly mangled) sonnets and reflecting on life, mothers and growing old(er).

Performed and written by Flloyd Kennedy (and William Shakespeare), directed by Ira Seidenstein (Cirque de Soleil, Slava Snow Show).

Dame June Bloom, semi-retired  Australian ukulele-playing Shakespearean actor and scholar travels the world sharing her experience and knowledge of Shakespeare performance with audiences far and wide.  She’s just arrived back in Brisbane, Australia, after an exhausting world tour, and is feeling the effects of time on her aged body and mind. Dame June uses wit and a finely tuned sense of the ridiculous to reminisce about her experience of life as an touring actor, a daughter and a mother; she sings, dances and draws fresh insights into the ageing process by means of a selection of highly apposite (and only slightly mangled) Shakespeare sonnets.

Join Dame June in her makeshift dressing room, as she prepares for what may well be her final performance…

Brisbane – “Delightfully driven with stories… gorgeously vulnerable and funny.”

Melbourne – “one of the most engaging and rewarding pieces of theatre I have seen for a very long time. I found it startlingly and brilliantly unsafe. 

Liverpool – “I was captivated… June’s storytelling and songs had me both laughing and crying in equal measure”

Southend – “not-to-be-missed poetic, charming and unique piece of theatre”

London – “See it! It’s funny! She immediately puts her audience at their ease and walks them down a journey of pain and hilarity.”


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