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A Dictionary of Theatre Anthropology
by Eugenio Barba and Nicola Savarese
Edited and compiled by Richard Gough


This winter we are offering this classic text and invaluable resource for only £5!

Juxtaposing visual demonstrations of the performer’s craft, from a wealth of Oriental and Occidental sources, to uncover knowledge of action in the heightened context of performance – from combat to religion and ritual. This

lavishly illustrated sourcebook is vital reading for theatre practitioners and students of contemporary theatre theory and transcultural performance.

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Sounds from Giving Voice

Christiane Hommelsheim: Shadows Fairies and Me

Solo polyphony through the virtuoso use of a Loop sampler. Stimulated by intense vocal work in the Roy-Hart method and in the tradition of singers such as Meredith Monk or Shelley Hirsch.

Sam Lee: Ground of its Own

This 8-track release with legendary John Wood (of Nick Drake fame)

comprises material gleaned from years of research into the forgotten songs and sounds of these Isles.
ES ***** : a shining and original talent


Mariana Sadovska & Christian Thomé: VESNA

The ‘Ukrainian Bjork’: in her furious performances Mariana Sadovska crosses all borders: archaic midsummer night invocations, wedding songs and migrant chants from remote villages of rural Ukraine get a singular turn and transmute into contemporary sound that spans from folk to avant-garde. VESNA (SPRING) was inspired by Ukrainian Traditional songs and was composed with jazz drummer Christian Thomé .


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