What is happening now in KX space

The pandemic has stopped our events and exhibitions. We paused rehearsing the forum-performance at the Bioethics Forum "Homo (Im) Perfectus". Also in KX stopped the work of a theatre studio for people with neuropsychiatric diagnoses (collaboration with the Club House). So far, activities on the attraction of people with hearing disabilities to our events were paused.

Nevertheless, in 2 weeks of our quarantine, we organized an online work. Today, the theatre puts online the performances of the past years (follow  @prastorakx on all social media). A telegram channel was started (the wings of a slave_ess, https://t.me/kryly) with the information on what is happening in the theatre in the world with the recommendations on what to watch online during the isolation. On the telegram channel pARTisanka_for_the_night (https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFHH1XGkAIrdRMb6dA) you can listen to podcasts from the already published, but still never presented in Minsk, pARTisanka magazine. We have prepared for the release a 3D tour of the latest exhibition “Forbidden Zones” with the texts of all works (https://atmasfera.by/360/kx-zapretnye-zony.html). We launched a quarantine calendar #нашамастацтва with the publication of works by Belarusian artists. We are preparing an online issue of lectures on art and more. All this can be found in our social networks @prastorakx and by hash-tag #kxonline.

In addition, we did not stop rehearsals and work on the play “You Will Always Be a Baby” in a small cast of two. This project is a series of monologues about various aspects of a women’s life, where the main issues are gender equality, violence, sexism, mothers’ position, etc.

We also joined the campaign #АртПроездной to find some financial support in these difficult times for the independent culture in Belarus.

This will help us continue to work online now, and live further, as well as complete the production of the performance “You Will Always Be a Baby”, it has no funding now. The premiere is scheduled for June 2020, but time will certainly show. In addition to financial support, this action is also important for us as an opportunity to feel that our community, the city and Belarus really need us.

The future has been canceled, but we believe and hope that our joint actions will help each other to survive!