We have a situation ... !

live online performance
23 March 2013
2pm UK time
live trans-border, online-offline participatory performances addressing current cross-cultural issues

Between March and May 2013 four “situations” will be created in four European cities - London, Eindhoven, Nantes and Graz - with each “situation” involving a 5-day workshop and a final networked event taking place at a local venue and simultaneously streamed live through the online platform UpStage.

The first "situation" takes place in London, 19-23 March, with a live online performance at 2pm UK time on Saturday 23rd March. Visit the web site for a live link on the day, and if you're in London for information about where you can come to the performance in person.

Each situation is directly chosen, devised and developed by local people in each city in collaboration with lead artist Helen Varley Jamieson (Germany/NZ) and the project partners – APO33 (FR), Furtherfield (UK), MAD emergent art center (NL) and Schaumbad Freies Atelierhaus Graz (AT).

During the 5 day workshop participants are invited to share and explore ideas around the chosen theme and develop a performance using storytelling, materials, found objects, digital tools and anything they feel is relevant to the story they want to tell.

At the event participants will present their chosen situation to online-offline audiences and together they will participate in discussions across European national borders that imagine creative solutions and alternatives to the issues raised. The process aims to bring people together in a creative event and foster an understanding of countries as communities of people, with many commonalities.

We have a situation! is a collaboration between four European arts organisations – APO33, Furtherfield, MAD Emergent Art Center and Schaumbad Freies Atelierhaus Graz – and two individuals, Helen Varley Jamieson and Martin Eisenbarth. It is funded by the European Cultural Foundation.

Live links to the performances and more information are available at wehaveasituation.net.

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