The Way of Magdalena

TitleThe Way of Magdalena
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsFry, C
PublisherOpen Page Publications
ISBNEAN 978-87-87292-13-9
AbstractThe Way of Magdalena chronicles the main activities of the first decade or so of The Magdalena Project. Starting with the explosion onto the theatre scene in 1986 of the international women’s theatre festival Magdalena ’86, the book traces the various lines of development that rippled out from that cathartic event. It examines the work of the founder and Artistic Director, Jill Greenhalgh, and follows how her vision interacted with and inspired more and more women to develop their own work and visions. It explores many of the events that took place within this period, including those which became the first of a series of events, such as the Transit Festivals in Denmark, and the Festivals Voix de Femmes in Belgium. The book also delves behind the scenes to examine the management structures that evolved as The Magdalena Project grew and took on a life of its own. Often using first hand experience and interviews as well as original documentation, the book attempts to recreate and present the ways of thinking that were prevalent at the time. It also brings an objectivity that proffers a useful perspective to readers wishing to find out more about the early years of this still growing international network. To order copies, Odin Teatret Webshop Published in 2007 by Open Page Publications, with the support of Odin Teatrets Forlag, Grenland Friteater, The Magdalena Project and CTLS - Centre for Theatre Laboratory Studies; ISBN EAN 978-87-87292-13-9.
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