Twice in a Lifetime
1 August 2012 to 22 August 2012
Multiple unused public spaces
An unconventional performance series.

UNLISTED is an unconventional performance series organized by a team of young curators (Monika Ponjavic, Christina Kruise and Ana Letunic) and Eighty Ten, an international arts organization. It will take place in Belgrade, Serbia from September 20 -­‐ 22. Its thesis is simple: A small change in awareness or perception can create a ripple effect, nudging the aesthetic and emotional life of a whole city in a new direction.

At UNLISTED’s center are three performances in three public, non-­‐theatrical spaces, or “hubs”. These site -­‐ specific performances will be created collaboratively by separate teams; each team will include both Serbian and international artists. The performances will be both TRANSFORMATIVE and PARTICIPATORY. The artists will transform the spaces and enlist the help of the audience to do it, sparking a new awareness of each hub’s potential in the citizen-­‐participants and, indirectly, in the mind of the entire city.

At this stage, we are searching for a Serbia-based playwright, director, or visual artist to work with an emerging, New York-based playwright and director. Ideally, the the artists would begin their collaboration process in August connecting via Skype and email. In September, both would come together in Belgrade to see the final implementation of the project. The ideal collaborator would have an interest in intercultural/international work. The individual should encompass a genuine interest in learning about other cultures while also displaying an interest in sharing their own. Fluency and willingness to work in English is necessary (although, this does not mean that the project results will be in English). Lastly, while it is not a requirement, past experience working site-specifically is certainly a plus.


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