translation from portugues to english & spanish - multicidade festival

hi dear translators,

happy new year :) i hope you all had a good break & that 2015 will bring you ... lots of free time to help with magdalena translations! ;) as well as many other good things.

does anyone have time to make english and spanish translations, from the portugues, for the multicidades festival which is happening in rio de janiero later this year?

the text is here:


the english should be here:


and the spanish here:


if you can help, please:

  • add a comment below saying what you will do
  • go to the english or spanish page & click "edit" or "editar" (you need to be logged in to see the link)
  • scroll down to the "Body" part of the form
  • you can translate directly in the page, or if you have translated into a separate document first you can then copy & paste that directly into the page
  • scroll to the bottom & click save / guardar
if this is too complicated, you can also paste your translation as a comment below & i will put it into the correct page.
h : )


renee has offered to translate to spanish. can someone translate to english? :)

we now have a spanish translation - gracias, renee! :) /es/content/multicidade

is anyone able to translate to english, from either the portuguese or spanish?


h : )


Hi Helen,

Apologies for the delay, I was in transit back from Europe to Brazil. Doing it now. xx

obrigado flavia, i have replaced the main body of the text with your translation :)