Theatre at home

Dear Companions In Fate,

unusual times need unusual enterprises: The English version of the theatre play MY PARENTS' THINGS can now be seen in your home at any time. 
After all, the magic of the stage lies in ‘real’ encounters, in this lively dialogue between actor and audience - each night is different, each night is unique.

But what is ‘real’ in these unreal times of Corona? While the theatres remain closed, as a small consolation, I would at least like to offer you one of my plays that I love very much: MY PARENTS' THINGS, freshly & specially performed in English without an audience at Hamburger Kammerspiele: (German version : )

Have a stimulating evening. ALL THE BEST, until we meet again ‘for real’ at the theatre!

Best wishes, Gilla Cremer


In case you would like to make a donation, may I suggest the RESQSHIP refugee initiative


Gilla Cremer - Die Dinge Meiner ElternScript & Performance: Gilla Cremer
Director: Dominik Günther
Stage and costume design: Eva Humburg
Music: Gerd Bellmann

Agnes is standing in the house of her deceased parents. This is where she grew up, this is where Father and Mother lived for 60 years – now it has to be emptied out. Where should one start? In the cellar or in the jam-packed loft? There still seems to be so much life clinging to each object: a familiar smell or a story. Keep it? Give it away? Sell it? Throw it away? Memories of one’s family and one’s childhood lurk in every drawer and cupboard. Agnes comes across letters and diaries that weren’t meant for her. “What ever is left over from live, can go” is what a professional house clearing guide says.

If only it were that simple…

PR: Sublimely Gilla Cremer evokes the conflicting emotions that went hand-in-hand with a childhood in the ‘60er and ‘70s. A powerful theatre experience that will most probably stir everyone in the audience, leaving them to recall memories of their own family’s past. (BS)

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