Tantidhatri Festival Book

donations appeal

A limited-edition book documenting the Tantidhatri Festival (2012) is going to be published. This was both the first Magdalena festival, and the first international women's performing arts festival, in India.

The large format book will have full-page black and white photos, information about the festival and the artists, and additional texts by Parvathy Baul, Jill Greenhalgh, Julia Varley, Geddy Aniksdal and others. It comes with a CD that includes excerpts from nearly all of the festival performances. A work of art in itself, the book will be a beautiful souvenir or gift as well as comprehensive documentation of this unique festival. Furthermore, it will greatly help in raising the profile of the Magdalena Project in India and elsewhere, and in garnering support for future festivals.

Most of the money for the printing costs (EUR2600) has been raised, but a further EUR1000 is still needed. If you would like to donate and help the book become a reality, please contact Gilla Cremer: post@gillacremer.de. Donations over €100 will receive a copy of the book. It is a limited edition and will only be available via the Aurodhan Gallery in Pondicherry, India, so making a donation is the best way to ensure that you have a copy!

Many thanks to the donors so far: Gilla Cremer, Geddy Aniksdal, Ya-Ling Peng and the Magdalena Project. Join us with your donation!


Donation challenge!         

Geddy Aniksdal at Grenland Friteater has made a donation and challenges the friends at Teatro Potlach, and Luca Ruzza and Laura Colombo at Open Lab, to do the same!