The Talking Tables

1 October 2015 to 1 November 2015
Odin Teatret
A 1 month workshop led by Deborah Hunt.


This workshop is an intensive training and building experience with face masks and small format table top puppetry.



In this workshop each participant will


- Create a mask character that is the "owner" or guide to a small miniature world. This character will be able to perform individually and or as part of the overall chorus or group that the participants form together.




- Create a 5-7 minute miniature puppet scene, using as a point of departure an object (a miniature wooden table).



Each participant will receive this identical object and over the period of the workshop will create the miniature puppets and ambience/environment/scenery inspired by the object using simple and/or recycled materials. At the end of the workshop, there will be public performances, one of which at the Castle of Nørre Vosborg as part of an event the 31st of October directed by Ingrid Hvass, a local storyteller. Each participant will be encouraged to consider stories of her/his own devising or stories from neighborhoods, towns, or countries they come from.


There will be for physical and vocal training led by both Deborah Hunt and Tage Larsen, and sessions for construction for construction led by Deborah Hunt. During the workshop there will be an exchange of one week with Danish storytellers who will participate in the final performance at Nørre Vosborg.


For 14 participants

The workshop lasts for one month: arrival 1 October 2015, departure 1 November 2015. A more detailed schedule of the work will be sent to the participants who apply with information about clothing. Working space at the local Centre for Art and Design will be used for the workshop, with exchange with the students.



Language: The workshop will be conducted in English.


Applications must reach Odin Teatret by 6 September 2015


A selection of participants will be made by 7 September.


The application form below must be addressed to attention Tage Larsen, and marked TALKING TABLES



FEE: 7.500 DKK (about 1.000 Euro) for the workshop including spartan lodging in the Odin guesthouse, free access to services (kitchen, laundry and internet), use of working venues and stage equipment. To be paid by 15 September 2015 once you have received confirmation of selection. Participants will be requested to help with practical tasks inside the theatre, including daily cleaning.


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