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Tantidhatri 2019 - We need your support!

Dear Magdalenas,

I am writing to send you information about Tantidhatri, a Magdalena Festival in India. Parvathy Baul, with whom I have studied in India, directs the festival and I do the artistic direction. It is a festival organized by a non-profit organization, which will donate the benefits for the education of hindu girls. I send the information in case you want to come (I'd love to see you in Kolkata) or in case you can contribute (with a donation or spreading the info)

Tantidhatri is India’s first international Women’s Performing Arts Festival. Its First Edition took place in Pondichery in 2012 and the Second, in Bangalore in 2016. This third edition, will take place in Kolkata from 15th till 20th of January 2019. Tantidhatri aims at being a space of engagement for artists, thinkers and groups that are committed to women’s work in the field of performing arts.

The festival will donate its surplus amount for education of girls in India. Although physically it is six days event filled with performances, talks and interactions, the spirit of the Tantidhatri is universal. This year the theme is “Energy” and through the festival, we will be channelizing all our efforts towards the positive flow of energy.

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Have a good end of the year and a great 2019.