SPOILED: The Film Project, Chapter Two

5 August 2021
7 pm EST
SPOILED: The Film Project, Chapter Two, Free live stream @ La MaMa, Thursday August 5th @ 7 pm EST

Secrets of gender-based violence. From male perspectives. Revealed by women.

SPOILED: The Film Project unearths the roots of global gender-based violence from the male point of view but is performed by an ensemble of women. In the second chapter of the film, three stories based on real events probe the underlying trauma or training that lead to transphobic assault, infanticide, and pedophilia. By looking at events that span the globe - zeroing in on India, Turkey, and the USA - the project sheds light on the role patriarchy plays in perpetuating misogyny through heartless ideals that undermine our shared humanity. It does not speak for men or boys, nor does it demonize them - and includes stories of allies as well as perpetrators. Rather than glamorize the victimization of women and girls, or give way to despair, the piece aims to empower us all by upending toxic narratives.