15 February 2015 to 17 February 2015
Stage Left Studio
Feb 15 @ 3 & 7 pm; Feb 16 & 17 @ 7 pm
SPOILED is a solo play that explores violence against women in America and India from the male point of view

SPOILED dives beneath the unspoken truths of fathers and soms, brothers and lovers - bith in America and India - in this solo play that uncovers the tangled, messy roots of violence against women by embodying the male point of view. Ripped from headlines that dominate the news in New York and New Delhi, this timely play grapples with burning issues such as military sexual assaults, college frat parties, impotent jobless boye, vulnerable child brides and infanticide. Through a lens that is compassionate yet clear-eyed, SPOILED reveals how rigis gender roles box in both sexes, with devastating consequences for all.