Songwriting Pod

four Mondays, with Helen Chadwick
25 January 2021
The songwriting pod offers stimulus and support for those who love to write songs.


The songwriting pod offers stimulus and support for those who love to create songs for the voice or for small groups or choirs.

Each week we will look at a brilliant song or two by a different artist, seeing how it is made and structured, both lyrically and musically as a stimulus for our own creativity. What is it that makes that song so brilliant? We may look at rhyme, metre, rhythm, melody, harmony, accompaniment, form and feel. The songs may be by famous artists from any genre, dead or alive, or by songwriters from the choir and small group world.

After the inspiration slot we will have a noodle pad session where we go it alone or in small groups to improvise new ideas from scratch and later get support to develop a song during the week between sessions. How you compose is up to you. I use a piano and manuscript paper as my starter tools, many songwriters use recording devices like a smartphone, a computer programme that records, or hand-held recording devices.

There is no need to be able to notate music. Many of the great songwriters do not notate their songs. All that is important is that you have a way of capturing what you make, by recording it or writing it down in some way - however it suits you.

The aim here is to create and support each other to do so. In small groups we will discuss the song idea or form that each person chooses to work on that week between sessions and then report back at the start of the next session.

We will not have time in the group to share the songs or ideas that we work on at home as this would mean yet more zoom time, though we will report back in small groups. Some participants create songs for the love of it, some may be choir leaders, others are singers in small groups, some may work with children, some may compose for theatre, and others are enjoying the early stages of the adventure that is songwriting. 

Event Details

Four Mondays at 11-12pm: Jan 25th - Feb 15th (link sent the day before each session)
£25 for all four sessions

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