25 November 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 8 - 11 p.m.

Ljutić, Stevana Sremca 5, Belgrade


Reconstruction Women’s Fund in the action SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST 5 this time again brings you actual issues. We shall have an opportunity to hear and learn about the beginning of the campaign “Stop the violence. From words - to action!” led by Autonomous Women’s Center.

Last year the police received 6,000 domestic violence notifications, of which 3,642 were submitted to the prosecution office. 1,712 perpetrations were convicted, out of which only 634 were imprisoned and the others went with fines and suspended sentences. In the same period only 70 protective measures were issued for banning perpetrators from home, but 1,250 women and children had to leave their houses.

This time with the action SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST we want to invite you and raise money for the Fund to assist women victims of violence. All money collected will be handed in to Autonomous Women’s Center.  

Bring the money for drinks and box donations!

“Sisters are Doing It Best” presents women who with their actions, work, energy and knowledge make visible social changes. 

Our guest this evening is Bobana Macanović, Autonomous Women’s Center

DJ masters Zoe Kida and Konstrakta (Zemlja gruva)

These SISTERS ARE DOING IT BEST are on November 25, the starting day of the campaign 16 Days of Activism against Violence against Women when, this year again, we stand with our friends and send the message:



Show solidarity in the evening of giving to those who need it the most now!!!

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