9 June 2014
Zadruga Oktobar, Strahinjića Bana 33, Belgrade

Dear friends, comrades and comradines,

as we know happiness is built with small things.  In the floods in Serbia many people lost much, many lost everything and believe in life and go on. Reconstruction Women’s Fund and BeFem, feminist cultural center, organize an evening committed to solidarity, friendship, communion and smile. Bring your openness, readiness to hear each other and your brightness to understand each other.

Bring the money to buy a drink and to give to donation box, and all the contributions go to Roma settlement Veliki Crljeni in Lazarevac where 21 families need enough chemicals/disinfection/gloves/Kleenex/diapers. All the collected money we shall invest in the necessities which Nada Djurickovic will handle and distribute in the settlement so that everybody gets assistance. 

 “Sisters Act the Best”, associated, will present you the women who during the floods reported from the bicycle, from the ground and from the collective centers. Women are present everywhere and know where they are going! 

Our special guests are:

  • Marija Ratković, initiator of the action//Bicycle on Water
  • Čarna Radoičić, film director// individual humanitarian actions
  • Nada Đuričković, Roma woman activist// Roma center for women and children DAJE 

Sisterly dj mixing by representatives of women’s groups who in disasters and all these years of life floods and mind loosing have been here for you:

Autonomous Women’s Center, Women in Black, Belgrade Women’s Studies Center, Act Women, BeFem and Reconstruction Women’s Fund 


See you in the evening of giving to those who now need the most!!!

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