IN-SIGHTS 29 &30 June 2012

REMINDER: invitation to an informal show & tell
29 June 2012 to 30 June 2012
at igneous studio and online streaming
Fri 29 June 6-10pm & Sat 30 June 9am-1pm
REMINDER: invitation to an informal show & tell - RSVP

Fri 29 June 6-10pm 
Sat 30 June 9am-1pm

at igneous studio: 3/27 Waverley Street in Annerley (Brisbane)
online streaming on Waterwheel
so you can take part from around Australia using the TAP from wherever you are....

Already participating: Dawn Albinger, Anna Yen, Gillian Kehoul, Flloyd Kennedy, Scotia Monkivitch & Suzon Fuks in Brisbane and Penni Glass & Donna Abela on the tap from Sydney.

Dawn will talk about her PhD, we will be able to watch some documentation of 2003 Magdalena Australia Festival (forums and focus on Aotearoa - VHS recordings have been converted into DVDs), mini-workshop with Suzon on how to use the TAP for your own project and possibilities to be involved in her future research

This is an INFORMAL opportunity to network, talk about projects & share news.

Please RSVP, if you come to igneous studio or if you will be online: - mobile: 0487 333 523
I hope to see you soon!



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