21 October 2013 to 24 October 2013
East Woodlands, Frome, Somerset
led by Gilly Adams and Sue Gill of Dead Good Guides

Many of us experience ritual and ceremony in our lives in an inarticulate way, plagued by anxiety and embarrassment: we may settle for a formulaic response to marking birthdays; we may give a glance to the changing of the seasons; we bear witness at weddings and funerals.

Yet we may also experience the absence of ritual at key moments of change or loss when we yearn to find a vehicle for our emotions. This intensive 4 day course offers an opportunity to explore how ceremony and celebration feature, and have featured, in our own lives in order to empower ourselves to be bolder in honouring significant beginnings and endings and to facilitate that process for others in an imaginative and creative way.

This is not a nuts and bolts course but one shaped to fulfil the needs and aspirations of everyone involved. Journey is always a key metaphor in the work and the focus is on rolling up our sleeves and making ceremony - both public and private - in a safe environment. Gilly Adams and Sue Gill have been working together for many years and bring their own particular brand of humour and insight to the task of sharing their practical experience of secular celebrancy.  

Food is always a key element in ceremony and celebration, and since we will be eating home cooked lunches and evening meals together, feasting will be a special theme. The working day will be 10am – 9pm, finishing at 2pm on the last day. Fees include tuition, all materials, and meals throughout. We can often help with contacts for Frome households offering budget accommodation, which is not included in the price of the workshop.

There are only 4 places left on this workshop at a cost of £380 each.

To secure a place, the full fee needs to be paid to SUE GILL either by cheque and posted to the address at the bottom of this page or by BACS. Please contact  foxandgill@btinternet.com   www.deadgoodguides.com    

The Beach House Swinestead Lane Baycliff  Ulverston  Cumbria LA12 9RY   

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