Risking Hope: an anthology of women in theatre

TitleRisking Hope: an anthology of women in theatre
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAdams, G, Aniksdal, G, Gale, MB, Varley, J
Number of Pages94
PublisherThe Open Page Publications / Odin Teatret Forlag
CityHolstebro, Denmark
ISBNEAN 978-87-87292-24-5

Transit IX poster, Dorthe KaegaardThe Editorial Board of the Open Page produced this book in response to the theme of the 2019 Transit Festival, "Hope in Action - Women, Theatre, Will." In the Foreword they write:

"Each of us has written in her own particular way about how hope manifests in work and in everyday life. We ask questions about the future of organisations, changes in education, how to maintain an artistic practice, how best to support the work of those generations coming after us; we suggest ways to encourage hope and persistence. We have no definitive answers to the challenge of putting hope into action in what often feels like a threatening world, but we have taken time to reflect on this theme and to share our thoughts.

We offer this volume as a gift to all the participants in Transit and to those who can't be with us, and also as an opening meditation for the many discussions that will be part of the Festival. We hope that it will provide inspiration and serve as a concrete example of hope in action."