Question : User pictures?

should we enable user pictures? (to be set in user settings/picture support) to be seen on the user's profile page. could be nice for i think we can also finetune if we want them on (in theme settings): * User pictures in posts * User pictures in comments


When making comments, you have to preview the comment before you submit it - is there a way to skip this step if you want to?

I do like that you can formmat your comments if you want to.

it is a bit annoying isn't it. & you don't have to preview other content b4 publishing it so it's a bit wierd. also you should be able to edit your own comments, so if you publish a comment & then want to change it that is possible. i will try to find out if we can skip the obligatory preview.

yes we should enable user pictures (the australians were asking me about this too). i uploaded an image for my profile, but i don't recall exactly how i did it. it would be good to make it a standard way as part of the profile edit page.

BUT another question that the australians raised is - what about male members; are they going to be allowed to use the site to promote their work as well. there have always been some male members in the magdalena network & lots of the women collaborate with men, the network has never been "exclusive". but we really do not want to be hosting profiles & promoting men's work since this is not part of what the network is about.

i think that we need to have a very limited authenticated user role, that doesn't allow any kind of profile. & then the next step up is to be able to create a profile & post news & events. we may not always know if people are men or not, but we can monitor it & see how it goes - it's unlikely to be a massive problem but i can see that it could get tricky if we did start to have men having profiles & promoting their individual work.