Prize for O SAVESTI

Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic has received the “Branislav B. Čubrilović” prize for her new work, O SAVESTI ("About Consciousness" - English title DADA/An Essay in Movement. 

The prize is given to the author with the bravest and most inovative approach to art (popularly known as the "Prize for the author with the biggest balls"). The jury explined the decision in these words:

"Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic in her performance O SAVESTI with a daring approach in research through exceptionally strong multimedia artistic work speaks of a problematic and traumatic theme of political murder, activating the audience to search for themselves the answer to the question: "What is freedom? "The author has presented the case of the murder of the jounalist Dada Vujasinovic as a symbol of a constant battle for the freedom of speech, thought and creation."

O SAVESTI tells the story of Sanja's childhood friend Dada Vujasinovic, a journalist who was murdered in the 1990s by Milosevic`s regime in Serbia. 

The performance premiered at the BITEF festival, Belgrade, in April and received the prize at the Festival  PATOSOFFIRANJE in Smederevo, in July. Sanja hopes to perform it at future Magdalena festivals. The performance can be in Serbian or English and will soon be translated into Spanish as well.

Click here for an article (in Serbian) about the prize.