Movement Workshop for Performance
12 December 2011 to 16 December 2011
Metro Arts, !09 Edwatd St, Brisbane, Australia
9.30am -1.30pm
This workshop is for performers, actors, directors, physical theatre devisors, drama teachers, and musicians.


Movement Workshop for Performance

Anna Yen  

Dec 12-16, 2011

Mon-Fri, 9.30am – 1.30pm. 

Metro Arts Building, 109 Edward St, Brisbane. Australia 

$275 / $225 Early Bird if paid by Nov 15, 2011  

  This workshop is for performers, actors, directors, physical theatre devisors, drama teachers, and musicians. Our starting point is a focus on  playfulness, presence, physical awareness, and ‘complicity’ with other performers. It combines the Awareness Through Movement work of the  Feldenkrais Method with ensemble exercises and games in innovative ways to assist the performer expand creative and physical possibilities,  and their ensemble skills. PlayMoves is inspired by the work of Monika Pagneux, a renowned European theatre teacher, whose quest is to  awaken the performer, inviting the attentive and joyful performing physical presence that marries risk with vulnerability and self-confidence  with authenticity. Wonderful writing exercises that begin from the physical, are integrated into this week.  ______________________________________________________

This has been the most awakening and inspiring workshop I have attended in a while. Really wonderful.” Actor. “An engaging variety of ways to instigate play from each of us. I enjoyed the  alternation with Awareness through Movement sessions. This kept both the physical body lively along with the playful mind." Ruby, Aerial artist  “I definitely have something to take back with me that will not only influence my methodology but things I can pass onto students.” Actor / Drama Teacher /  Director.   _____________________________________________________ 

Anna Yen is a movement teacher, performer, director and Feldenkrais Method ® practitioner. Anna has trained regularly with Monika Pagneux in Europe since 1994. Anna’s  work spans theatre, contemporary circus, physical theatre, street theatre and film. Anna teaches in universities, communities, companies, festivals and schools. She received a  Churchill Fellowship in 2002.  A highlight of Anna’s work is her acclaimed one-woman show “Chinese Take Away” and its film adaptation, which has taken her to festivals in Australia,  Asia, Europe and USA. 

All Bookings and Enquiries

or phone Anna  0417 623 886 or from outside Australia:  (61) 417 623 886

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