For Crying Outloud theatre workshop
20 March 2020 to 22 March 2020
St Luke's Hall, Enmore (Sydney Australia)
varies each day
For creatives who seek nourishment through community, exploring theatre in response to the climate crisis.

For Crying Out Loud

Theatre in a Time of Emergency

A weekend workshop intensive with Jepke Goudsmit

OASIZ is a workshop project for those who seek nourishment and healing through creativity and community. Designed for creatives from all disciplines and for those interested in exploring theatre as a practice for personal, professional or creative development.

Drawing from my Deep Listening approach, evolved through creative practice developed over 35 years with Kinetic Energy Theatre Company (with co-director Graham Jones), and prior to that as a core member of International Theatre Research Group KISS (EU) and my studies with Grotowski (Poland). 

March 20, 21 and 22
Friday 7-10pm - special focus: Voice
Saturday 2-5pm - special focus: Movement
Sunday 3-6pm - special focus: Ritual
Sunday 6.30-7.30pm: sharing Three Pieces with friends, & wind up.
One session: $50 full, $30 concession 
All sessions: $125 full, $90 concession
Sunday sharing & wind up session is included for all.
At St Luke’s Hall, 11 Stanmore Rd, Enmore.
The urgent situation is sinking in. For many of us, these are sad and scary, maddening times. The recent extreme bushfires are another wake up call. Some are feeling numb, or hopeless. Overwhelmed. Others feel the need to express their grief, their indignation, or pain. In the soaring flames and the deafening silence after the burning, people hear a call for change and excitement to step up to the challenge. The themes and explorations in these workshops respond to this urgent situation.
Using the art of theatre-making and training frameworks we will engage deeply with life and search for our personal and collective compass. You are invited to use this workshop as a tool for transformation, from ignition towards transition. The practice honours deep connections between ourselves, our relationships and our environment. These frameworks initiate potential to explore expressions of different feelings around climate change. And create a practice-based platform for reflection, creativity, skill development and improvisation. Each session has a specific emphasis: Voice, Movement, and Ritual. At the end of each workshop session we will develop one of our explorations into a ‘short piece’. 
For those who are interested in sharing these pieces with an audience of invited guests, I have earmarked the last hour on the Sunday as a ‘showing’. If you come to all three sessions you may be in each piece. If you do only one or two sessions, you can still participate in the showing. However, performing is not compulsory, watching the three pieces at the last session is optional.
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