New crossroad at the road most travelled

At Vinderup, in the old Stendis camp, another Transit has taken place: Poetry in Space; Theatre, women, composition.

A programme of masterclasses, work demonstrations, talks and performances was made up by Katrine Faber, Rina Skeel, Dorthe Kærgaard , Else Marie Laukvik and Julia Varley.

Brigitte Cirla and me, Geddy Aniksdal, lead the 5 days workshop together with Julia Varley, with participants from China, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Ireland, Italy, Rumania, Brazil and Denmark we set out, marking at the same time a continuation and a new direction : a much smaller Transit with a group staying together all the time, cooking and cleaning together, watching the performances together, the talks, the masterclasses. In addition to the workshop there was a session of works in progress every day, with feedback from the participants themselves and from us. Constructive feedback, kindness and a generous atmosphere coloured the work.

Living closely together turned this group into a young ensemble who desires to go on meeting and working together, something we, the workshop leaders also want.

We found a new and richer experience in this smaller setting, in a place that inspires to work. Also the fact that it was an unusual common need to share, to enter into a wider network, to connect.

Brigitte and I are glad to have been taking part, and to have marked a new step forward.

Proposals for further meetings for a new mini Transit have already been made to take place before the bigger Transit in 2025. In the smaller one we plan whole days concentrating on work in progress, vocal work, site specific work. At the end a programme of common works will be shared.

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Transit 2023