Missing Ms N. N.

Preview of 1. piece of TsaDiEli
14 September 2019
A production about healing and empowerment after sexual harassment and sexual violence
8 o'clock to 11 o'clock
Missing Ms N. N. by Rolands Küra: Preview of the new piece of TsaDiEli

Concept, Stage Direction and Production: Frederika Tsai

Concept, Co-Stage Direction and Dramaturgy: Davide Di Palo

Set: TsaDiEli

Actress: Hannah Elischer

Partner: Rolands Küra


Preview at Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin, Wallstrasse 32/Haus C, 10179 Berlin, Germany

on 9/14 at 8 o'clock

In German with DGS (Deutsche Gebärdensprache) and transkription for people who can't see the show with their eyes.



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