Missing Ms N. N.

Preview of my new production "Missing Ms N. N."

Missing Ms N. N. will be previewed with an alternative, shorted version (20 minutes) in Rolands Küra on 9/14 (from 6 o'clock at evening) at Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin, Wallstr. 32, Haus C, 10179 Berlin, Germany

This piece is a solo piece about the trauma and empowerment after sexual harasment and sexual violence. In the center is Ms N. N. She is nobody and every one...

Missing Ms N. N. is the first piece of my collective TsaDiEli.

The premiere will be hold on 11/15 (from 8 o'clock) at Tatwerk Berlin, Aufgang 1, 3. OG, Hasenheide 9, 10967 Berlin, Germany